Zong Balance Check Code 2023 [Full Guidance]

With the Zong Balance Check Code, Know the remaining balance. Use the three simple and easier methods for a balance inquiry & check the rest of the data.

As you know Zong Company is a very popular telecom company in Pakistan, which told that it the simple for checking the remaining balance. So the prepaid customers can find the rest of the data in 2023 by using the below procedure.

Zong Balance Check Code

Zong Ka Balance Check Code Kia Hai?

In this article, the remaining balance checking code from Zong Sim is available. And the methods we described here are active in 2023.

The three methods are available of it, and these are very simple. Zong prepaid customers use the below procedure for finding the still available incentives.

Almost 36,250 searches about the Zong Balance Check Code. This means many users want this code.

Now the code for checking the rest of the incentives & also another code available that is applied to balance inquiry.

Methods Of Zong Balance Check Code

The three procedures bring from the company that helps to check the rest of the balance. We described these procedures very simply as shown are:

  • Through the Code
  • Balance Inquiry Method
  • Through the App

1) Through the Code

This is very simple and easy, So dial this Zong Balance Check Code for checking the remaining balance. Now we tell you how to use this technique for finding the still available data.

Some terms & conditions are applicable to it. Now dial the given code if you want to look over the rest incentives.

  • Dial *222#
  • After that, you can check the remaining balance

Now the question is is it free?

So, we told you some conditions that will apply to it, and need to know before subscribing to it.

Terms & Conditions (شرائط و ضوابط)

Before dialing the balance check code zong know the terms & conditions that are applied to it.

  • First of all, only the Zong prepaid customers are eligible for this method.
  • Almost Rupees 0.30 plus tax will be charged.
  • Whenever you subscribe to any package, the same standard tax and price for the Zong SIM balance will be applied.
  • The company can be changed this method at any time.
  • And for further information go to the official website of Zong.

2) Zong Balance Check Code (Second)

By this Zong Balance Check Code USSD *310# you users can apply for the balance inquiry by picking the option. Now dial it to apply for the balance inquiry and also check the current balance.

The price of this method for checking the currently available data is cost Rupees 0.20+tax, and Rupees 0.10 plus tax will be charged for the rest of the free resources per inquiry.

3) Through the “My Zong App”

Yes, through the “My Zong App” customers can also check the remaining incentives of the subscribed bundle. It is very simple, Go to the Play Store to download it. Further, This app is to download from the App Store. Follow the given instructions for the Zong balance check:

  • Go to the Play Store Or App Store
  • Search “My Zong App” on it
  • Click on the download and install option
  • After that open this app
  • Register your Sim number and CNIC
  • The main thing is that your internet connection be open
  • And then you can see the rest of the balance of your subscribed package
  • It is free of cost, which means customers can check the rest of the data for free
  • But only on the internet you can pay some price and also if you have Wifi connection then it is too good


In this article, we told you how to check Zong balance code in 2023. The three methods are described that help for finding the remaining incentives. The first method is code *222# and the second is through the USSD *310#. Furthermore, the “My Zong App” is too helos for Zong balance check.

Zong Balance Check Code (FAQs)

What is the Zong sim balance check code?

There are two codes available for checking the balance:

  • Dial *222# at almost Rupees 0.30 plus tax
  • Dial *310# at Rupees 0.20 plus tax per inquiry

Is it from the “My Zong App” we find the rest of the incentives?

Yes, we can also find and check the remaining balance from the “My Zong App” and customers can install it from the Play Store/App Store.

Rather, in the above question we mentioned the Zong Balance Check Code which is very helpful for knowing the enduring data.

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