Jazz Monthly SMS Package in 50 Rupees Code 2023

Get the Jazz Monthly SMS Package in 50 Rupees Code. Subscribe and stay in touch with loved ones by sending text messages for 30 days & also using the internet. Almost 800 users search for this SMS offer and they want to subscribe to it.

The customers want to get the code for a 50 Rupees bundle that has SMS for one month. But there is one important thing about this bundle that is available that need to know. So the users who search about it, know that there is no offer available from Mobilink that is cost Rs. 50 for a month.

Jazz Monthly SMS Package in 50 Rupees

Jazz Monthly SMS Package in 50 Rupees 2023 (Introduction)

First of all, you need to know that there is no bundle available at that price having the SMS for a month. Yes, this means, this bundle is not available in 2023. Now the question is raised that what can do now? So don’t worry about this.

Here in this article, we tell you the five other bundles monthly that have the data for text messages. We described the packets below where you can get the method of activation and by following this method you can make contact with loved ones through send text messages.

Other Benefits/Incentives

Customers can search for this monthly offer on the Internet. But in the above, Jazz Monthly SMS Package in 50 Rupees is not available in 2023. Now in this article, We told the related offers for users that not only include the SMS data, Rather there are also incentives for internet data and calls available.

Yes, subscribers can not send text messages to their loved ones and stay in touch. Rather, they can also make contact with them by making the calls. Furthermore, in the below packets, there is one important thing that the internet is also included in these. Now if you can not subscribe to the Jazz Monthly SMS Package in 50 Rupees, then activate any bundle from below that you want to subscribe to.

1) Monthly Social Bundle of 12000 SMS

Yes, there is a bundle available that has 12000 SMS for 30 days. But it has not only incentives, rather there are also 7168MB (7GB) included, and useful for five social media apps. This means customers can use it for (WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, YouTube, & Bip) for Rs. 149 + Tax.

  • Activate = *661#
  • Status Code = *661*2#

2) Max Offer 3000 SMS

This is a costly packet but has many things for a month. Now for Rupees 1215 plus tax, users can use the 40GB internet, 3000 SMS, 3000 On-Net minutes (for Jazz Sims), and 500 Off-Net minutes (for Telenor, Zong, Ufon, etc) very easily.

  • Dial = *708#
  • Status Code = *708*2#

3) Super Duper Card 2000 SMS

Now at the 724 plus tax, there is 2000MB (2GB) internet, 2000 SMS, 2000 jazz mins, and 150 other network mins available and useful monthly.

  • Dial = *601#
  • Status Code = *601*2#

4) Hybrid Package

yes, hybrid means all the things available in that bundle. Now 6GB internet, 3000 Local SMS, 3000 jazz minutes useful for monthly. Rather, 150 other network minutes are also included in it and customers can subscribe to this offer for Rupees 695 including tax.

  • Subscribe Method = *430#
  • Status Code = *430*2#

5) Super Duper Plus (Last Bundle)

It is the last offer described in this article, and it has 5000 SMS and 5000 jazz minutes for 30 days. Rather, a big amount of data for the internet is also available which is 17GB. Furthermore, 300 minutes for other networks, Like Telenor, Zong, etc also available, and customers can get these incentives for Rs. 1000 including tax.

  • Subscribe Method = *707#
  • Status Code = *707*2#

Jazz Monthly SMS Package in 50 Rupees (Finale)

First of all, we told you that it is not available in 2023. After that, we told that to the viewers, there is no need to worry about it. On our website (FahadWorld) there are many jazz packets available for customers. And from that offers we described five monthly offers that have SMS. And not only SMS but rather some also have internet and call incentives. Hope you guys like this article, and for further packets visit our website, Thanks.

Jazz Monthly SMS Package in 50 Rupees (Most Important Question)

The Most important question about this bundle is whether it available in 2023. So in this above told and here we tell you that customers cannot subscribe to this bundle because there is no bundle available at this price. Rather, enjoy the above offers that are described, by dialing the codes enjoy the social media apps, and many more.

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