Jazz Monthly Internet Package 25GB Code 2023 Best (Detail)

Get the Jazz Monthly Internet Package 25GB Code 2023. Subscribe and enjoy the internet data, and make the calls to loved ones for 30 days.

The Mobilink company brings two bundles that have 25GB incentives for one month for its users. Almost 1,600 people search for this bundle and want to subscribe to it.

That’s why we described the two offers of Mobilink that have the twenty-five gb incentives for the month. Now in the below paragraph, we told the name of the two bundles that have this type of net.

Jazz Monthly Internet Package 25GB Code

Name Of Jazz Monthly Internet Package 25GB Code 2023

In this paragraph, we inform you which offers have this quantity of net for use.

And the offers are name are:

  • Monthly Premium Offer
  • Monthly Supreme Offer

Yes, two packets have the 25GB incentives for the net. But with the jazz monthly premium package, there is another benefit of it. Which is that after the subscription to this bundle, subscribers can make calls to their loved ones.

So, this packet also provides the facility to make contact with people through calls. Now we described these packets very simply and easily that shown below.

1) Jazz Monthly Premium Package (Rupees 695 Plus Tax)

This is a very famous monthly bundle and many Mobilink users want to subscribe & use it. This is known as the Jazz Monthly Internet Package 25GB Code.

But we inform you that in this there is not only the net incentives included. Rather, SMS data is also available. And it has a quantity of 300 minutes.

These minutes are for all networks, like Telenor, Jazz, Zong, Ufone, etc. So after the subscription of this bundle, subscribers can make calls to those people who have Jazz and any other network Sim.

Now the question is that in which price customers can subscribe to it and enjoy the benefits of this monthly offer. At Rupees 695 including tax, users are capable to activate.

Now we wrote a table that has the very best information about the monthly premium jazz.

Internet 25600MB (25GB)
All Network Minutes300
FeeRs. 695 + Tax
Validity30 Days
Subscribe Through Jazz World App

Terms & Conditions Of Premium Package

  • Upon dialing the code which is available in the Jazz World App users can subscribe to this bundle
  • Rupees 1/MB Overage will be applied on the internet offers
  • Subscribers can use the 25GB of internet data and 300 all network minutes for 30 days
  • Customers can subscribe to the premium offer many times and for the next time subscription again dial the activation code which is available on the Jazz World App
  • The Mobilink company can change this bundle at any time & moreover, the price of Rupees 695 + Tax
  • The Important conditions of this packet are available on the Jazz World App, So go to this app for activation and know about the valuable terms

2) Monthly Supreme (Rupees 699 Including Tax)

This Jazz Monthly Internet Package 25GB Code costs almost seven hundred Pkr.

In this packet, there are internet data available that has a time duration. This means, there are 12, 12GB incentives available separately.

12GB is useful (from 2 AM-2 PM) and useful for only 2G/3G/4G network areas. Some users also want to subscribe to it because it has net incentives for the night.

After the subscription to this offer, users can use the internet after midnight and recite the Holy Quran online. Moreover, further Islamic studies can be read on the mobile.

InternetAlmost 24.5GB (12GB from 2 AM-2 PM)
FeeRupees 699 + Tax
Time Duration30 Days
Activation ProcedureDial *117*32#

Supreme Bundle Check Code

Now after the subscription, we use our own activated offer. And after 15 days & some days, we want to check how many incentives are remaining. Then for finding this, we dial the status code.

With this, we find the rest of the data very easily. Now for checking the rest of the supreme package, dial *117*32*2#.

How to Find Information

As in the above, we told you what bundle is it and how many things are available to use after the activation of this offer. But if you don’t satisfy then dial the *117*32*3# to look at the information.

Supreme Offer (Unsubscribe Method)

It is very easy and simple to Unsubscribe from the monthly supreme jazz. Dial *117*32*4#. We are not sure about this. If it is not working then your packet deactivate at the expiry date.

Terms & Conditions Supreme Packet

  • Customers can use the 12GB data from (2 AM-2 PM) after the subscription to it
  • From the Mobilink company, there is a facility to subscribe to this offer many times
  • And for the next time activation, customers should want to dial again the *117*32#
  • This Jazz Monthly Internet Package 25GB Code is not auto-activated. This means, if the customers want to activate it again then it is necessary to again the dial *117*32#
  • Moreover, On this packet, the overage of Rupees 2.25/MB will be applicable
  • Only the 2G/3G/4G network areas can subscribe to it and enjoy the incentives for 30 days
  • The status code that we told in above helps to check the remaining data and when customers dial the status code Rupees 0.15 will be applied
  • Furthermore, the three important terms & conditions are too applied to it, and to know about these go to the Mobilink App


In this article, we told you about the Jazz Monthly Internet Package 25GB Code 2023. We described the two packets that have this data for a month. Hope you guys like this post for 4GB incentives for social media apps Click here.

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