Jazz 2 Day Internet Package Code and Detail [2023]

Now the Jazz 2 Day Internet Package Code is not available. Buy don’t worry here we tell you that package of jazz which has internet data, SMS data, & also call data for three days.

Jazz 2 Days Internet Package Code 2023

Some people search on the internet about jazz 2 days internet package. But they do not know there is no package available that has a validity of two days. That’s why the Jazz customers cannot subscribe to this bundle and are not able to use the internet data for two days.

Jazz 2 Day Internet Package

But dont worry here in this article, we tell you about that jazz package which has internet data for three days. It is not enough, there are also call data & SMS data included in these three days bundles which can be easily subscribed to through the activation code given below.

Bundle NameJazz 3 Day Max Offer
Internet Dat1GB
Jazz Minutes1000
Other Network Minutes10
PriceRupees 60 Plus Tax
Validity3 Days
Activation CodeClick Here

Is Jazz 2 Day Internet Package available?

No, The jazz package for two days is not available at that time. But three days bundle is available which is mentioned above and it is for only Jazz pre[aid customers & will cost Rupees 60 plus tax.

Can I subscribe to the Weekly Jazz Packages?

Click Here. Yes, click on the link and subscribe to the weekly packages & use the internet data for 7 days.

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