How to Save Telenor Balance While Using Internet In (2023)

In this article, you’ll learn how to save Telenor balance.

As you’ll discover below, there are very simple ways that you can use to balance savings. Telenor is the most popular telecom company that offers many cheap Net Packages, and more.

After subscribing to any package, there is one important issue and many users are worried about it. You can see sometimes you do not make calls Or send SMS, but your balance will be deducted.

The network has deducted the balance and many people report this. They find the solution to this problem because they want to avoid unnecessary loss of balance.

Now here we tell you about the solution to balance losing. Below we described some easy ways how to save balance in Telenor.

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How to Save Telenor Balance

How to Save Telenor Balance

All the Pakistani telecom companies including Telenor launched methods for people to lock their balance and these methods are given below.

1) Telenor Balance Save Code

With the Telenor save balance code *7799#, You can keep your data safe. This is the simplest and famous method for the users because with this you can lock the balance when data is on.

  1. Open your mobile phone and type *7799# in the text box
  2. After this press the call button and follow the instructions given on your mobile phone
  3. Now this offer has been subscribed successfully

With this method, you can use the internet without any loss of data.

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2) Telenor Balance Saver

This is a very easy method and by using it your internet data will not be cut. So follow the given instructions to know how to save Telenor balance with this method.

  1. Dial 345 on your mobile phone
  2. Press call button
  3. Type “1” to confirm
  4. A confirmation message will receive

Now successfully subscribe to “Balance Lock Service” and there is no losing data and you can use the internet without any problem.

Setting Of Mobile for Telenor Balance Save Code

Now disable specific applications & browsers if you want to use this tactic. But it is necessary to hide your identity.

Here we tell you about the mobile settings that help you to save your balance. The methods described in the above are not working on Many Sims. That’s why we told you about the setting of your phone to save your balance while using the internet.

How to Save Telenor Balance With Mobile Setting

  1. Open Your phone
  2. Go to “Network Setting”
  3. Click on “Mobile Data”
  4. A list is appear
  5. Check those apps that you want to use for data
  6. Uncheck those that you don’t need to use
  7. After that, your balance is saved
  8. No fee is required

Terms & Conditions

  • Government taxes will be applied
  • Telenor company can change the USSD code packages at any time
  • Only prepaid customers are eligible
  • When you complete biometric verification of your identity, then take Telenor Sim


What is the code for finding Telenor Balance?

Simple dial *444# and find your balance.

How to Save Telenor Balance With Code In 2023?

Yes, simply dial the Telenor balance save code *7799# and call the button. After that on your mobile screen, some instructions are given that you can see. Simply follow these instructions and then you can be successful in saving balance.

Final Words

In this article, you’ll learn how to save Telenor balance in 2023. We described several methods for locking your money while using the net. Also, we talk about the mobile setting which is very best for saving balance.

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